Thursday, 25 March 2010

Okay, so...

Over the last few years I've had phases, big and small, where I've just scrawled down whatever happens to be going on inside my head and outside in the life I've lead. They take form as narratives, poems, simple one-liners, even songs at times (though usually swiftly disposed of). I've developed a mind-set lately that thoughts, feelings and views on anything and everything should be expressed openly, as opposed to keeping everything deep within. Hell, if everyone did that, we'd all be screwed..

Anyway, this blog will now allow all you lucky, lucky people to take a quick trip into some of my patchy thoughts from the last few years. Patchy? Well, even I can't tell what some of it was written about, if I can read it at all. I may describe what's going on and why a post ever came to be, or I may just leave them for you to interpret as you will.

I warn you now - a lot of it seems complete bollocks and makes NO sense to me. Good luck!

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